Bath pearls are true litle bath jewels. Once in the water, the flexible membrane dissolves and releases the oil. One or two pearls are sufficient to perfume a bath.
Our flagrances are carefully selected and come exclusively from the city of Grasse, well-known for its expertise in perfumes.

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Discover our product range of bath pearls :

perles de bain nacrées

Rounded and pearly bath pearls

Perles de bain translucides

Rounded and translucent bath pearls

Perles de bain forme cœurs et étoiles

Heart and star shaped bath pearls

Perles de bain forme animaux

Animal shaped bath pearls

Our bath pearls are also available in bulk in three formats:

  • In bags of 50 pearls
  • In bags of 200 pearls
  • In boxes of 1200 pearls

Every packaging are of one reference.

Furthermore, we maintain a range of PET boxes in order to easily offer a finished product.
Canning, labelling, Gencodes, we accompagny you in your projects to create your products with your brand.

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